Bike Servicing

Port Kennedy Cycles and Fishing run a busy, comprehensive workshop with experienced, professional mechanics. We can service or repair all brands of bikes from children's right through to Tour de France standard.

If you require your bike repair completed within one day, please ensure you ring us to book in advance.

With our expertise, passion and professionalism your bike will be running like new in no time.

Below is a list of our workshop prices.

Please Note: Unless specified, prices are labour only and could vary depending on each specific job.

Our workshop is open from 9.00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday

Workshop Services

Full Service & Degrease
$189 + parts

Recommended at 18 month - 2 year intervals.

Complete disassembly, degrease and clean down of all components and re-assembly of bicycle.

Bottom Bracket Overhaul Lubricate Chain
Bearings tighten pedal spindles Tighten & lubricate gear levers
Check pedal bearings Lubricate/replace gear cables
Headset Overhaul Adjust & lubricate front derailleur
Wheel bearings Overhaul Adjust & lubricate rear derailleur
True wheels & check tension Tighten brake levers
Tighten handlebars Adjust/fit brake pads
Tighten handlebar stem, tighten saddle Adjust & lubricate brake cables
Degrease drive train: chain, cassette, cranks, derailleurs Check tyre wear
Lubricate freewheel Inflate tyres to correct pressure

Silver Service
$65 + parts

$45 + parts

Recommended at 6 month intervals.

Bottom Bracket Adjust/Tension Lubricate Chain
Check/tighten cranks Tighten & lubricate gear levers
Tighten pedal spindles Lubricate/replace gear cables
Check pedal bearings Adjust & lubricate front derailleur
Headset Adjust/Tension Tighten brake levers
Minor wheel truing (on bicycle) Adjust/fit brake pads
Tighten handlebar stem, tighten saddle Adjust & lubricate brake cables
Lubricate cluster/freewheel Wipe down bike
Degrease chain, cluster and derailleur on stand

Other Service Rates

Adjust brake/pad fitting $18 per end
Install brake & adjust $30 per end
Install brake levers & adjust $20 per brake
Hydraulic brake bleed + $5 Fluid per end $25 per end
Gear adjustment front & rear $18 per end
Install gear cable & Adjust $35
Install MTB shifters & Adjust $55
Install STI shifters & Adjust $85
Install Derailleur & Adjust $45
Bottom bracket adjust/c/out $35
3 piece crank install $35
1 piece crank install $35
Chain ring install Road/Mountain (each) Front $25
Front Sprocket install BMX $25
Rear Sprocket install $15
Cassette/freewheel install MTB & Road $25
Chain install MTB & Road $15
Chain install BMX $10
Miscellaneous Installs
Baby seat install $30
Pannier rack/carrier install $20
Computer fitting (front) $15
Computer fitting Cadence (rear) $25
Misc. labour charge hourly rate $65
Tube and tyre fitting $8
Install rear wheel/swap cassette $25
Wheel truing $25
Wheel building $65
Hub overhaul (front) $25
Hub overhaul (rear) $30
Glue tubular tyre $35
Frame and Handlebars
Headset overhaul $35
Install headset $45
Install headset - Scooter $25
Headset adjustment $15
Straighten Hanger $25
Install Hanger $35
Install forks $45
Install handlebar tape $15
Install bar ends $10
Install grips $5
Install handlebar - MTB $30
Install handlebar - Road $45
Install handlebar - BMX $30
Install aero bars - Clip on $25
Cut down handlebars $15
Install handlebar stem - Ahead Road, BMX, MTB $20